Shipping Costs

Spain -Peninsula 

The shipment will be received within 24/48  hours from your confirmation.The shipping costs  for Spain are 5 euros.

Balearic and Canary islands 

Please consult shipping costs.

Rest of Europe

Depending on the country of destination, the shipment will be received, between 4 and 7 days after the confirmation of the same.

Shipping costs amount to 12 euros. If there are customs expenses necessary for delivery, they will be paid by the buyer. 

USA Shipping costs

Shipping costs to the USA are 25€. For the USA, refunds and return of goods also carry a cost of 25€. Our customers in the USA will take on the responsability for the payment of all taxes and customs duties , from the moment their order reaches US territory. Customers will accept the delivery of their goods, as well as the responsability for the compulsory taxes and customs duties payable for those same goods. Under no circumstances will MUN undertake to carry out a refund or return of goods , owing to the failure to comply with such legal requisites as the above mentioned. The time needed for delivery to the USA , will be approximately that of a minimum of 8 working days, as from the moment of the correct completion of the purchase , and shall not take into account any possible delays due to issues or incidents stemming from customs procedures.