Who are we?

MUN is a Spanish brand situated in the Mediterranean area of the country, whose motivation stems from the search for a choice of footwear, which brings together both style and comfort. Guided by this need, MUN selected two types of traditional footwear: the espadrille and the Venetian slipper. They are the heart of MUN, a timeless kind of shoe coming from the world, and also for roaming the world, ideal both to accompany you in your daily activities, and also for taking with you on your longest rambling trips. Seeking to convert what we wear every day into something original, elegant and different, MUN has updated the traditional espadrille, with the models, textures, colours and different combinations of ribbons, and inspired by the original Venetian slipper, by including a silicone insole, to be worn quite comfortably, both treading the asphalt of the city, or of course on the Gondolas!

With MUN you can walk in comfort and look chic, always bearing in mind that this is sustainable footwear, made entirely in Spain.

And now, after reading how this exquisite product, crafted with such loving care, was born, we recommend that you look at all the models, but first we must advise you that, once you have set eyes upon and actually worn these shoes, you will inexorably fall madly in love with them, so please, don´t say we didn´t warn you!

With MUN you can walk in comfort and look chic, always bearing in mind that this is sustainable and eco-friendly footwear, made entirely in Spain.